[Spellyans] KK ha'n SWF - pronunciation

Christian Semmens christian.semmens at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 18:39:03 BST 2008


You seem to be demanding or at least requesting, that we justify our
differences from KK phonology rather than acknowledging that KG's is
the only word we have for that phonology, backed by his invisible
work. We have the backing of Jenner, Nance and further, back to

In the academic world, if you will not publish your supporting
research then your conclusions can have no validity, they are merely
assertions, and as such are worthless.

Ken knows this too. I fail to see why he has not published his
supporting documentation. Until such time the KK phonology, regardles
of how many adherents and learners it has, remains merely the
assertions of one man. As such no amount of huffing and puffing can
make this an acceptable phonology for Cornish, even if there is merit
in any of it. If he publishes his supporting evidence then great! It
can be analysed and discussed and decisions about reached properly.

We have nothing to prove, KK has yet to substantiate its very basis
with any supporting research. Simply saying that a lot of people know
it doesn't give it legitimacy (as has been attempted by others
elsewhere). A lot of people used to think the Earth was flat, that it
lay in the centre of the Universe or that an accident of birth
legitimises your right to rule? All totally preposterous of course! :)


2008/8/9 Penny Squire <pennysquire at ymail.com>:
> Yes, I really can't see how the discussion can advance on spelling without
> first establishing  which sounds it is meant to represent - that is,
> assuming that it is hoped to achieve a clear relationship between the two.
> So, yes, recordings are a must, but in the meantime a list of the sounds of
> MC and LC would be a start.
> Penny
> My instinct would have been to side with the trained phonologist,
> nevertheless urging him to provide recordings of how we should
> pronounce the language.
> Harry
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