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As you will know the maga kernow website (www.magakernow.org.uk) has "seasonal" example phrases each month-presumably in SWF Main Form.

This month includes:


My a wra mos dhe Vreten Vyhan 
I'm going to Brittany


My a wra omhowla war'n treth 
I'm going to sunbathe on the beach


My a vynn diskwitha 
I'm going to relax




For "small", UC has byghan, with a macron on the <y>.

UCR has byan, with a macron on the <y>. I now write this bian.

KK has byghan, unmarked but the <y> is long or half long in this position. If it were short, it would be bygghan.

Why has SWF got <y>? Why not bihan, and so Vreten Vihan?


Where did war'n come from? I would write warn, as previously used in numbers-or do they use war'n in numbers?


Why is diskwitha not dyskwitha? I couldn't find this word in KK. Is it there somewhere? For "relax", UC has dysquytha, and UCR has dysquytha with a macron on the second <y>. I now write this dysquitha. However, shouldn't it be omðysquitha (i.e. omdhysquitha) in this case? The object of the relaxation is oneself (i.e. the speaker). Is this word related to dysqueðes (i.e. dysquedhes) "teach"?





Andrew J. Trim
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