[Spellyans] Late Cornish adaptations

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sat Aug 9 12:54:38 IST 2008

On 8 Aug 2008, at 20:11, A. J. Trim wrote:
> If you are going to use the dieresis for the y/e alternation

I believe we are.

> and the circumflex for the e/o alternation,

I don't know about that. We have res-words and bës/bÿs-words and bys- 
words, and we have -ew-words and -ew/-ow-words and -ow-words. Logic  
would dictate that if the second set were to be marked it is the  
alternation that should be marked, or symmetry. Since there are bÿw/ 
bëw words we can't use ëw for the ew/ow words, therefore circumflex  
would seem to be the right thing. That leaves Jowan and Kernowek  
alone. (And I do agree we should not admit *Kernewek because we know  
it is an error.)

> please consider using the acute accent for marking unexpectedly long  
> vowels (instead of the circumflex.)  Then use
> the circumflex for the alternative long <a> found in clâf, etc.

There's no need to use two different accents for this. KS marks  
anomalous vowel quantity and quality. Where the quantity is  
anomalously long it is marked with the circumflex. If by the rules a  
vowel would be long anyway and there appears a circumflex, the rule  
will be that it is a question of quality.

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