[Spellyans] KK ha'n SWF

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 10:35:59 IST 2008

It isn't "'they'", it's "he". The document was written by Ken George.
I have spent quite enough time in my life pointing out the many  
errors in "Common Cornish". He is not a professional linguist and his  
should have been dismissed by the revival 20 years ago.

There are two remaining questions: First if KK is so good, why does Ken
not actually speak it, rather than a rather anglicised Unified?
Secondly: since the Commission rejected KK as a "construal", why
don't the Cowethas move on?


On 4 Aug 2008, at 20:15, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> Once again, they go for Nicholas's detailed arguments against Kemmyn
> theory, and offer nothing in response except to say that he is wrong  
> (of
> course, they try to brainwash people into thinking that C21 fully
> addresses icholas's p[oints, but it does not even begin to do so,  
> which
> they know as well as we do, but they're trapped in their own lie).  
> It is
> time, after all these years, for them to PROVE him wrong.

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