[Spellyans] <ow> = [u:]

A. J. Trim ajtrim at msn.com
Fri Aug 8 20:43:09 IST 2008

Dan Prohaska wrote:



We could do many things, we could spell the Jowan words Joowan, Kernoowek, loowan. we could right Jûan, Kernûak, lûan, or find many other pretty solutions. 

We could also talk about the SWF and what we might want to tweak there.




I don't like <oo>.

Despite wanting to minimise the use of diacritical marks, I prefer Jûan, Kernûak, lûan.

Does the combination <ua> occur elsewhere? If not, the <u> need not be marked, giving us Juan, Kernuak, luan, with the rule that <u> is [u:] before <a>.

We could also write Jouan, Kernouek, louan.





Andrew J. Trim
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