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Harry Fraiser harryfraiser at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 9 15:03:22 IST 2008

Would have agreed with you - but, sadly, irrelevant vis-à-vis D.G.'s
native Cornish!


On 8/9/08, Penny Squire <pennysquire at ymail.com> wrote:
> I think that we will have to agree to differ on this, Nicholas. To my ear
> there are distinct differences between the pronunciation of  Ken George and
> KK users and that of the UC users that I have heard. I'm not saying that
> their pronunciation is perfect (I can think of some KK users who have
> diabolical pronunciation - but they probably would in any second language!)
> but to my ear they are at least attempting a less Anglified pronunciation
> than the UC users achieve, as well as distinguishing between sounds which UC
> users do not.
> As for half length and long consonants - I can hear the difference between
> the length of consonants (and the vowels) in <pel> and <pell>, <del> and
> <dell> <mel> and <mell> and so on in KK users' speech, but it's very hit and
> miss with the  UC users I have heard. As I have said, not only have I been
> learning using KK but have also attended as many events as possible and -
> being aware of the controversy - have been using my ears as hard as I could.
> I can generally pin down KK and UC users by their pronunciation. If there
> were no difference, I wouldn't be able to, would I?
> I'll have to think about and listen out for the half-length vowels (or lack
> of them!) in speech.
> I would certainly agree that KK users who were brought up on UC have had a
> problem breaking old habits, but that's not the fault of the spelling. The
> same goes for students taught by teachers who haven't completely succeeded
> in changing their pronunciation. Oddly, though, some students (and not
> 'linguists', either) have managed better pronunciation than their teachers!
> I'm not being deliberately awkward or argumentative, Nicholas - it's just
> that my experience doesn't entirely bear out what you are saying.
> It would really be helpful to the discussions on Spellyans if yourself and
> Michael were to record some Middle Cornish for us so that we can hear what
> you believe it should sound like.
> Penny
> From: nicholas williams <njawilliams at gmail.com>
> Ken has no half-length and no long consonants. These are the sine-qua-non of
> KK.
> Without them there is no KK. KK is just a new (non-traditional and
> non-phonemic) spelling .
> The differences you mention are marginal. They do not affect his
> pronunciation which is UC.
> Ken George speeks Unified Cornish.
> Nicholas Williams
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