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Sat Aug 9 15:55:04 IST 2008

Ken and his supporters claimed to have worked out the phonology of  
perfectly (cf. George's "phonemic perfections") in 1987.
Even if we know the sounds of Cornish, there remains the problem
of intonation, which is at this distance irrecoverable.

Mark you it would help if speakers pronounced Cornish as they agree it  
should be.
I have heard Bernard Deacon and Ken George speaking Cornish on
the Kerewegva and both pronounce yw, ew 'is' [ju:] when it should
be pronounced [Iw].

Ken George writes <nowydh> but he says ['now at T];
he writes <koes> but says [ku:z].


On 9 Aug 2008, at 15:35, Harry Fraiser wrote:

>> Yes, I really can't see how the discussion can advance on spelling  
>> without
>> first establishing  which sounds it is meant to represent - that is,
>> assuming that it is hoped to achieve a clear relationship between  
>> the two.
>> So, yes, recordings are a must, but in the meantime a list of the  
>> sounds of
>> MC and LC would be a start.
>> Penny
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