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Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 9 16:43:18 IST 2008

On 9 Aug 2008, at 13:42, Penny Squire wrote:
> . . . [KK users] are at least attempting a less Anglified  
> pronunciation than the UC users achieve . . .

What a silly stereotyping. You clearly haven't listened to very many  
UC speakers. Anyway, your argument is a priori implausible:
(1) some UC speakers are born and brought up in Cornwall, and they  
speak English with a native Cornish accent.
(2) unsurprisingly, they speak Cornish with much the same accent, but  
with adjustments to some phonemes to conform to the rules of UC/R  
(3) no way is their Cornish going to be 'Anglified'. Do you imagine  
they're going to put on a 'posh' English accent just when they're  
speaking Cornish?

I was interested to hear you characterise Rod Lyon's spoken Cornish  
as pronounced like "modern day English with a Cornish accent." To my  
ear, Rod's Cornish sounds as natural and authentic as Dick Gendall's,  
but evidently you perceive it differently. It would be 'really  
helpful' if you were to list in standard phonetic notation all the  
phonemes that you perceive Rod to have mispronounced in a 'modern day  
English' manner, with your corrected 'less Anglified' KK version  
listed alongside.

> It would really be helpful to the discussions on Spellyans if  
> yourself and Michael were to record some Middle Cornish for us so  
> that we can hear what you believe it should sound like.

Why not set the ball rolling yourself? Equally, "it would be really  
helpful to the discussion on Spellyans" if you were to give us the  
benefit of your discriminating ear with some recordings of you:
(1) reading some text with the 'Anglified pronunciation' that  
allegedly typifies 'the UC users', and
(2) reading the same text with all the subtle refinements that you  
claim are achieved by KK users (at least, those who've managed to  
throw off the corrupting influence of UC).

In addition, it would be even more helpful (and not in the least  
'arcane', as you so quaintly put it) if you transcribed each of these  
readings into one of the standard phonetic notations, so that we  
could see objectively exactly what you claim to perceive subjectively  
by ear. You could choose either 'IPA squiggles' or X-SAMPA, as you  

yn lel,

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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