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On 9 Aug 2008, at 17:22, Harry Fraiser wrote:

> You are, of course, quite mistaken. What a strange notion! Shan't  
> take offence, though.

You're going to have to do better than that quip. I have just gone  
through looking at all of your posts. You do not sound to me like  
somebody who is here to make a contribution.

* Is there any reason for not going back to the original spelling,  
like in the olden days?

* Is there a system for selecting loanwords?

* I've no expertise at all, I'm afraid. Could somebody explain who  
this Ms. Ansari is, and how she's important for the Cornish language?

* Surely these Brook and Ansari people wouldn't be allowed to get away  
with such a plot? After all, the linguists were pretty eminent, I  

* Where can I get them? Does Mr. Angarrack discuss the Cornish  
language? What form does he use?

* Wouldn't it be a good idea to spell it 'zh'?

* Irish has one form, 'Maire', for mortal women, and another, 'Muire'  
for the mother of Jesus. Might there have been a similar arrangement  
in Cornish?

* Pardon my asking - are you the Nicholas Williams mentioned in Peter  
Beresford Ellis' book on Cornish?

* Could somebody remind me how the 'e' and the 'y' with an Umlaut come  

* Isn't 'schwa' something to do with Hebrew?

* Could we use 'zh' or 'dzh' in modern Cornish, perhaps?

* I've no idea what the figures are for the different forms of  
Cornish, but surely there must be a minimum for each one? And who is  

* Pardon my ignorance - who is Ms Lowe? Is she a member of the Gorseth  
a Kernow?

* I'm very glad to here it. How many of them are there, and where  
should one go to hear them?

* Who is Keith Bailey? Would it be possible, for the benefit of us  
exiles, to attach some explanatory epithet whenever introducing a new  

* How are these Bardic titles determined? Do their spellings undergo  
variation pari passu with orthographical reform?

* Shall you then omit these in the next edition?

* P.S. Can you recommend good basic book on philology?

* Been told of 'Language and History in Early Britain', by K. H.  
Jackson. Any help with Cornish?

* What computer and data-base are these? Why have they been kept secret?

* On the other hand, what would be the purpose of taking anything  
other than D.G.' native Cornish as our standard?

* I haven't read this book, I'm afraid. Must do so, of course. Are you  
saying he doesn't endorse Lhuyd's recommended pronunciation?

* Do I understand, then, that Breton in fact has four dialects? Why  
does Mr. George then posit the existence of a fifth instead of the  
Cornish language as we know it from [Jenner] and Gendall?

* Why has he been permitted to propagate with impunity the doctrine  
that Cornish is the fifth dialect of Breton?

* May I take it, then, that this baseless doctrine is, as it were, on  
the run?

That's 25 more or less rhetorical questions, some with a whiff of  
provocativeness about them, and none actually on topic. Out of 47  
postings -- and of the rest, most of those contributions were one-word  
"Thanks!" or short quips.

I was just about to write the following:

More than anyone else, Harry, you remind me of Tim Saunders.

But now there is no doubt. You have just written:

On 9 Aug 2008, at 17:41, Harry Fraiser wrote:
> Now you mention it, I vaguely remember references to  
> 'Kornbretlandi'. Any chance there might be a Norse influence at work  
> in Cornwall? After all, the Norse and Cornish sometimes joined  
> forces against the Saxons.
> Tim

I conclude therefore that you *are* Tim Saunders. Since you joined  
this list under a false name, you have been in violation of the List's  
rules from the beginning. You *lied* about who you are. Harry Fraiser  
will, of course, be banned for this, immediately.

What did you hope to accomplish here? Did you hope to waste our time?  
Not a question you asked really did so. We have been doing what we set  
out to do: We have discussed shortcomings in the SWF and we have made  
progress towards revising it into a robust and excellent orthography  
that we can use for our own publications. We will press on, and we  
will succeed in our aims.

Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com

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