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Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Sat Aug 9 18:50:27 IST 2008

Breton exsist because people from south-western Britain (Dumnonia) 
colonised Brittany (and Galicia) in the mid 5th century, taking their 
south-western dialect of Brythonic with them.  That dialect, in 
Dumnonia, evolved into Cornish.  The dialect of the colonists in 
Brittany evolved differently, perhaps with influence from Gaulish, into 

It would, I think, be more accurate to say that Breton is a dialect of 
Cornish (or at least of the direct ancestor of Cornish).


nicholas williams wrote:
> Of course he doesn't!
> He thinks that Cornish is a fifth dialect of Breton.
> Though curiously he suggests in the book that the shift of chy > chei
> was because this long vowel in Cornish partook in the English great  
> vowel shift!
> The most remarkable point about George's book (as first noticed by  
> Penglase and
> reiterated by Jon Mills) is that the takes his system as given and  
> makes no
> attempt to prove it.
> Cornish is like Breton. No need for discussion.
> Nicholas
> On 9 Aug 2008, at 15:55, Harry Fraiser wrote:
>> I haven't read this book, I'm afraid. Must do so, of course. Are you
>> saying he doesn't endorse Lhuyd's recommended pronunciation?
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