[Spellyans] CLP Survey is published

Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Sat Aug 23 08:31:04 IST 2008

Oh, my - am very sorry to hear about the car smash and am very glad that 
you are recovering.  I hope you're back to full fitness soon.  Good news 
about Dick's CD and booklet.  I'm sure that Booksplus in Penzance (The 
Terrace, Market Jew Street) will stock them, and I look forward to 
buying a copy and hearing the wonderful sounds of Dick's Cornish 
speech.  Dave Mainwaring at Booksplus is very even-handed (unlike some 
bookshops I could mention and I can't make it more "white and black" 
than that) and is happy to stock Cornish books written in all systems.


Eddie Climo wrote:
> On 22 Aug 2008, at 10:28, Kernuack at aol.com <mailto:Kernuack at aol.com> 
> wrote:
>> We are just about ready  to send out the long awaited cd and booklet 
>> by  Dick Gendall. I apologise for not keeping everyone informed 
>> sooner - a bad car accident on the "Ladock Black Spot" has had me in 
>> hospital, confined to bed and then kept indoors for longer than I had 
>> hoped.  Have just caught up on the spellyans debates - computer out 
>> of bounds for 4 weeks. They  are fascinating. I contribute seldom, 
>> but with such interesting and valuable contributions we are hopefully 
>> bound to come to a satisfactory conclusion in the end. Ever the 
>> optimist Mina
> Mina whek,
> So sorry to hear about your accident, but glad you're on the mend.
> I was a passenger in a serious car crash many years ago, and it was 
> only through providence that we survived at all, let alone with only 
> the light injuries we received. The experience, though, did make me 
> realise how precious life truly is (and how fragile!).
> Please keep us posted about Dick's booklet/CD; in particular I'd 
> appreciate details of how to order copies through the post.
> I recently followed up a link someone posted to a few movies of DG 
> speaking Cornish on YouTube, and he has such a wonderful voice that it 
> was a great pleasure to listen to him. For those who might have missed 
> this, there's half-a-dozen or so of him at:
> http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=richard+gendall&search_type=&aq=f 
> <http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=richard+gendall&search_type=&aq=f>
> These include the whole of Jowan Chy an Horth, and few others added 
> more recently, that I've not had the chance to listen to yet. 
> Furthermore, there are some others to be found under "Cornish 
> Language" at:
> http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cornish+language&search_type=&search=Search 
> <http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cornish+language&search_type=&search=Search>
> Oll an gwella dhys,
> Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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