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Tue Dec 2 12:49:05 GMT 2008

A number of videos called Pellwolok Gernewek are available on YouTube  
and they are well worth watching.
I think this is the latest one:

The standard of spoken Cornish is very mixed and one hears some very  
mistaken forms.
For example, in Cornish the word lies/lyes 'many' should always be  
followed by the singular: lies huny, lies gwas, lies profus, etc.
but one hears lies with the plural from some speakers on Pellwolok  
Overall the UC users seem to me to pronounce Cornish much better than  
the KK users.
This is because KK's use of <i>, <y> is confusing. One therefore hears
KK speakers saying RAG AN KINZA PRIZZ for rag an kensa prës/prÿs [long]
and I'N BIZZ for i'n bës/bÿs [long].
The 'phonemic' claims of KK are also belied by such forms as ETHTH  
[short] for êth,
and KRESS for cres [long].
For the most part, however, there is no real difference in dialect  
between UC speakers the others.

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