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Tue Dec 2 19:58:53 GMT 2008

On 2 Kev 2008, at 16:43, nicholas williams wrote:

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-n7X53JCS4&feature=related
> In this video (spelt in KK) the word dohajydh is pronounced with the  
> stress on the second syllable.
> I wonder whether this is correct.
> Lhuyd gives the word as <Dyhodzhedh> AB: 249a.
> We have a similar formation in
> dworennos PA 234c < *dyworth an nos 'after dark, after the night had  
> fallen'
> I assume that dyhodzhedh and kyngys hanter dogha geyth PC 2912 both  
> contain
> dohajedh < *dyworth hanter an jedh 'from the middle of the day,  
> afternoon'.
> The expression at PC 2912 then means 'before halfway through the  
> afternoon
> (literally 'after halfway through the day'; cf. afternoon, après  
> midi, etc.)
> If the stress had been on the penultimate
> syllable, we should expect Lhuyd to have written *dyhadzhath. I am  
> inclined
> to think that the word should be pronounced dohaJEDH [dOh@'dZe:D].

This is the way I have always pronounced it.  I don't know why,  
perhaps it was because we had an excellent tutor in Laurie Climo.

Ray Chubb


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