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I don't have any problem with <pellwolok> but we have several <tele-> words 
(in the UCR dictionary), and I can see no reason for "television" to be 
treated any differently, e.g. <telegemenessa>  "to telecommunicate", 
<tèlegram>  "telegram", <tèletext>  "teletext".

We also have <pellgowser>   "telephone" but <telefonyth>  "telephonist".
Why not <tèlevu> and <telegowser>?


Andrew J. Trim

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> I've watched a couple of these ("pellwolok" really is an awful word -  why 
> don't we do what other languages do, and replicate the  international word 
> "televysyon"?).  What is very noticeable is that a  fair few people are 
> featured, who are promoted by some as "fluent  speakers" - except that 
> their Cornish is hesitant and anything but  fluent.  Quite an eye opener.
> Craig
> On 2 Kev 2008, at 12:49, nicholas williams wrote:
>> A number of videos called Pellwolok Gernewek are available on  YouTube 
>> and they are well worth watching.
>> I think this is the latest one:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO05adJJJ-k
>> The standard of spoken Cornish is very mixed and one hears some very 
>> mistaken forms.
>> For example, in Cornish the word lies/lyes 'many' should always be 
>> followed by the singular: lies huny, lies gwas, lies profus, etc.
>> but one hears lies with the plural from some speakers on Pellwolok 
>> Gernewek.
>> Overall the UC users seem to me to pronounce Cornish much better  than 
>> the KK users.
>> This is because KK's use of <i>, <y> is confusing. One therefore hears
>> KK speakers saying RAG AN KINZA PRIZZ for rag an kensa prës/prÿs  [long]
>> and I'N BIZZ for i'n bës/bÿs [long].
>> The 'phonemic' claims of KK are also belied by such forms as ETHTH 
>> [short] for êth,
>> and KRESS for cres [long].
>> For the most part, however, there is no real difference in dialect 
>> between UC speakers the others.
>> Nicholas
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