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I find that I use 'orth' to mean 'at' far more than most speakers.   
e.g. 'me a vyn cowsel orth Jowan', 'orth an vos/bord' etc.  Perhaps  
'yn Loundres' should be used in future.

On 3 Kev 2008, at 13:02, nicholas williams wrote:

> Incidentally Nance thought that dhe 'to' could also mean 'at, in'  
> and one finds dhe Loundres, dhe Evrok Nowyth
> in the revived language. Where does this use of dhe derive from? I  
> cannot at the moment find any example.
> I have collected three exx. of en Loundrez 'in, at London'. I can  
> find two exx. of dhe Loundres but dhe in both cases means 'to':
> Pes myllder eus alemma de Londres? — How many myles is it to London?  
> Borde
> Mee rese mos tha Loundres mes a thor[n]ow Bilbao MS.
> With other place names 'at, in' is always yn, in:
> yn ierusalem nefre OM 2060
> rag ma dro da deux mill Hosket whath in Falmeth WGwavas
> In Rom me ew senator BK; heno Cornelius, epscop in Rome nena TH.
> 'At school' is in scol: ny vef yn scole rum levte BM 102.
> Where then does dhe = 'at' come from?
> Nicholas
> On 3 Dec 2008, at 11:56, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> except that their Cornish is hesitant and anything but fluent.   
>> Quite an eye opener.
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