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I find that very interesting and would love to hear more of it..

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> I gave a short talk today at the annual Tionól of the School of Celtic
> Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies on the uses of the
> preterite of bos in Cornish. Among those present was Iwan Wmffre who wrote
> the book
> on Late Cornish. The talk was, I think, well received and several people
> spoke to me afterwards and said
> how interesting it was to hear Cornish spoken, which they had not
> previously.
> Not only does y feu marow 'he died' occur in Cornish and bu marw 'he died'
> in Welsh,
> but the comparable ba marb 'he died' is also well attested in early Irish.
> We seem to be dealing
> here with an insular Celtic syntagm. Morfydd Owen,, who was present
> mentioned that
> in Cornish classes in the University of Wales the similarity between y feu
> marow and bu
> marw is often noted. It has never, as far as I am aware, been mentioned in
> print—and I have not
> seen it mentioned in any revivalist handbook.
> I intend to publish a fuller version of the paper when it is ready.
> Nicholas
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