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They also wrote <polisi> which should be <polici> in the SWF.



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Why is there a hyphen in the title of the Maga Newsletter? Lyther is not a

Lyther Nowodhow means Letter of News, two separate words.


The Newsletter also says:


Y fydh tri gonis Nadelik yn

Kernewek a-dro dhe Gernow an

vledhen ma.


I don't think they actually intend this. Literally the sentence

seems to mean:


There will be three Christmas services in Cornish

about Cornwall this year.


i.e. that that three Christmas services in Cornwall will be going

round and about Cornwall this year.


They want to say that there will be a Cornish language Christmas service

in three different places in Cornwall this year.


Surely they should have written something like


Y fydh gonis Nadelik yn Kernewek in tri

thyller dyvers in Kernow an vledhen-ma.


I should prefer (using KS spelling):


Y fëdh golohas/servys Kernowek in try thyller dyvers 

in Kernow an Nadelik-ma.


gonys as a verb means 'till, cultivate, work.'

As a noun it means 'cultivation'


Servys is common in various senses. Probably the best word for 'service,
worship' in Cornish is golohas:


yma eff worth agan dysky ny in agan golahes the meneges agan honyn
pehadorryan ha the whelas gyvyans ha delyuerans the worth oll drogkoleth a
thewleff agan tas a neff TH 8a.





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