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...or Úropek or Úropian, as in úsya  "to use" (or with u-circumflexes)

Unfortunately, the European Union would then be the UÚ ... a bit weird!

How should the combination ewro be pronounced?
The UCR dictionary gives Ewrópek (with o-macron).
Is there stress on the ó?
Is the o long?

I agree that euro may not be correct for the proposed orthographies, i.e. SWF or KS.
This eu would imply an RLC pronunciation [e] / [e:] according to the SWF specification. 


Andrew J. Trim

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Maga say: 

  Arhesans Keskowethyans an Taves Kernewek yw rennys ynter an Unyans Europek, an Asran rag Kemenethow ha Governans Leel ha Konsel Konteth Kernow.

Does this mean that the word Europek has initial [oe]?
I should prefer Ewropek or Ewropean.



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