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I would very much like to have a dictionary for the newer orthographies 
(i.e. traditional SWF & KS).
I assume that these are in preparation.

All we have at present is a list of words in the SWF specification.
It is now 6 months since the SWF specification appeared, and we still cannot 
use it.
I realise that these things take a lot of time - no real problem there.
However, what should we do in the meantime whilst we are waiting?

The best that I have is a copy of the UCR dictionary (though I have 
dictionaries for KK and UC as well.)

Are there any rules that we could follow to respell UCR so that it would be 
closer to the newer orthographies?
I know that the result would not be completely accurate, but it may be 
better than following the dictionary now that we know it is out of date.

Can I assume that the macrons should now be ignored except in monosyllables?
Can I assume that the raised full stops are still current information 
regarding stress?
Are there simple rules for respelling <y> to <i>and for respelling 
diphthongs, etc?
For example, should we now respell all <ue> to <eu> and all <eu> to <ew>?
That would probably leave a few single or double consonants as the only 
significant difference, and a few unstressed schwa vowels would have the 
wrong graphs.
Progression to the newer orthographies would then be a small step - smaller 
than going from one document to another in the Traditional Cornish texts.


Andrew J. Trim

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> On 5 Dec 2008, at 23:44, <ajtrim at msn.com> <ajtrim at msn.com> wrote:
>> How should the combination ewro be pronounced?
> [ˈeʊroʊ], as though <ewrow>
>> The UCR dictionary gives Ewrópek (with o-macron).
>> Is there stress on the ó?
> Of course.
>> Is the o long?
> Vowels are only long in monosyllables.
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