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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Mon Dec 8 21:42:19 GMT 2008

Here are two more versions of the Creed (with Welsh and Breton glosses  
from the Rev'd Harvey's book on Mullion, written in 1875.  Harvey says  
that he himself was taught to count and say the Lord's Prayer in  
Cornish as a child (presumably in Newlyn, as he mentions the town in  
the same sentence).  He gives no source for the second orthography,  
but this looks rather like Keigwin, as well, although a little  
different from the one I sent in earlier.  It's this version which is  
quoted verbatim by J. Harris Stone in 1905.


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On 8 Kev 2008, at 20:20, nicholas williams wrote:

> The creed is very interesting. It contains expressions not found in  
> other versions. I should render it in KS spelling perhaps as:
> Me a gr?s in Duw, an Tas ollgalojek a wrug an nev ha?n nor; ha in  
> Jesu Crist y vab, agan Arl?th, concevys der an Sperys Sans, genys  
> dhywort an vowes Maria, a s?ffras in dadn Pont Pilat, a veu gorrys  
> de?n mernans ha encledhys ha a dhyskydnyas dhe iffarn. Y savas arta  
> an tressa d?dh, hag a sedh war dhyhow dorn Duw, an Tas Ollgalojek;  
> dhort ena ev a wra dos dhe j?jya an bew ha?n varow. Me a gr?s i?n  
> Spyrys Sans, i?n sans catholyk eglos, i?n com?nyon an sens, i?n  
> gyvyans a?n pegh, i?n derevyans an corf ha?n b?wnans rag nefra.  
> Indella re bo.
> concevys
> s?ffras
> j?jya
> com?nyon
> derevyans
> gorrys de'n mernans
> all look genuine.
> So does sans catholyk eglos; cf. catholyk egglos in TH x 25 +
> Nicholas
> On 8 Dec 2008, at 19:56, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> Me agreez en du, Taz ollgo logack y wrig en neu han no are Hayn  
>> Jesu Chrest y vabe; hag agan artyth any censenyys dur Speriz Sanz  
>> geiz thart an voz Mareea, sufferai dad, Poc Pilat, we goris dan  
>> vernans habethis ha thes Kidnias the y ffarn. y Svas arta yn trysa  
>> dith, ha Seth war dighow dornindue taz ollgo logack; thurt ena en  
>> ra, d vaz tha juga: yn beawhan varaw. Me agreez yn Spriz Sanz.   
>> Sanz Cathalic Egliz yn Communion yn Sans yn givyans an pegh. yn  
>> derivians yn corf han Bowinans. ragnavera Andella robo.
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