[Spellyans] emendations to the SWF

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 13:41:03 GMT 2008

Emendations to the SWF specification.
4 says budhi ~ beudhi is to become beudhi only.
9 on the other hand says the alternation euthek ~ uthik is to be
replaced by euthek ~ ithik.

Clearly ithik is based on Lhuyd’s ithik. But if we aren’t allowed
budhi/budhy we are ignoring Lhuyd’s bidhis ‘drowned’ in Rag oun hui  
dho Kodha po an Reu dho derhi, a huei dho voz bidhis Least you fall,  
or the ice break and you be drown’d AB: 250a.

It seems that these emendations, like the specification itself,
are incoherent.


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