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Thank you for those, Jon.
The problem remains how to interpret the <u> spellings.
Lhuyd's bidhis, Bidhyz would seem to indicate that in the verbal  
adjective (and probably in the verbal noun) the vowel was
[y], which later unrounded as /i/.
On the other hand Jordan's bethy, vethy (alongside buthy) might  
suggest that the vowel in <buthy> was originally [oe], which
later unrounded to /i/.
For the revived language the only sensible thing is to allow both  
beudhy/bedhy and budhy and
beudhys/bedhys and budhys.
I shall continue to write budhy, budhys and to say [bIDIz] for the  

Incidentally it is probably preferable to pronounce <eu> in  
as short [E]. Anglophones tend to lengthen [oe].  [penz] 'pound' is  
preferable to *[poe:nz], which
one often hears.


On 12 Dec 2008, at 08:54, Jon Mills wrote:
> Ordinalia: buth; buthes; buthy; buthys; vuthys
> Ton (1504): buthys
> Jordan (1611): bethy, bethys, buthy, vethy
> Lhuyd (1707): bidhis; Bidhyz
> Jon

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