[Spellyans] del 'leaves' and dèl/dell 'so, as'

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I'm sorry, my mistake. I got that wrong.

<war>  "aware" has, of course, a regular long <a> so it should only be 
marked <wâr> in KS if <war> "on" is to be unmarked.
That would be one solution but not totally satisfactory.

<war> "on" is irregularly short in the SWF, though it does follow the SWF 
rules if it is regarded as usually unstressed.
I agree that this particular rule is unhelpful.

In KS this should be improved if possible (but only if possible).

The sound of the <a> in <war> "on" is not the regular short <a> so it should 
not be <à>.
That would be almost as unhelpful as leaving it unmarked as <war>, as it 
sounds more like English "war", nearly "wor".

Some other symbol should be used, perhaps <ä> if that is not used for 
anything else.

Unfortunately, that would add a lot of diacritical marks to the language as 
<war> "on" is a very common word.
Using <wàr> for "on" would have the same effect.

However, <war> "aware" is much less common.

To maximise usefulness we should mark the less common word to show that it 
is not the more common irregular word.
The common irregular word could be easily learnt as an exception.

So, I think it should be <war> "on" and <wâr> "aware" in KS, even though 
that seems a bit strange.

I believe that this would be the most useful solution to learners, and it 
would minimise the use of diacritical marks.
It would also cause the least divergence from the SWF.


Andrew J. Trim

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> On 13 Dec 2008, at 16:28, <ajtrim at msn.com> <ajtrim at msn.com> wrote:
>> I would leave it as <war>, though you could use <wär> to indicate  the 
>> non-standard vowel quality.
> We write <wàr> because <war> regularly shows a long vowel according to 
> the rules. We could write <warr> but this is a change to the wordform 
> that we dislike, so we choose the other means. An the vowel quality is 
> regular before -r.
>> The Cornish for "aware" is SWF <war> with a short vowel.
> No, it's got a long vowel.
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