[Spellyans] <kk> and <ck>

Daniel Prohaska daniel at ryan-prohaska.com
Wed Dec 17 15:41:51 GMT 2008

Dear all, 

Apart from our continued work on KS, I would like to propose that we put
together a list of issues that need to be discussed until and when the SWF
undergoes further tweaks in 2013. The Partnership has stated that no more
changes are to be recognised until then.

The issue I would like to bring up here is the matter of when to write <ck>
and <kk> in the SWF. We have Paul Hodge to "thank" for the current
SWF-solution of spelling <ck> in loanwords and <kk> in native Cornish words.
I don't find this particularly helpful for either users of traditional
graphs (SWF/T) or for users of the main form (SWF/M). I should rather
propose that the SWF/M should write <kk> and SWF/T <ck>. I would like to
hear opinions on this. 


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