[Spellyans] <kk> and <ck>

Christian Semmens christian.semmens at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 16:42:12 GMT 2008

I can see no occasion that I would ever write 'kk' for 'ck'. Simple as
that really. Therefore I would push for the formal adoption of 'ck' in
SWF/T for all cases where the other form uses 'kk'.


2008/12/17 Daniel Prohaska <daniel at ryan-prohaska.com>:
> Dear all,
> Apart from our continued work on KS, I would like to propose that we put
> together a list of issues that need to be discussed until and when the SWF
> undergoes further tweaks in 2013. The Partnership has stated that no more
> changes are to be recognised until then.
> The issue I would like to bring up here is the matter of when to write <ck>
> and <kk> in the SWF. We have Paul Hodge to "thank" for the current
> SWF-solution of spelling <ck> in loanwords and <kk> in native Cornish words.
> I don't find this particularly helpful for either users of traditional
> graphs (SWF/T) or for users of the main form (SWF/M). I should rather
> propose that the SWF/M should write <kk> and SWF/T <ck>. I would like to
> hear opinions on this.
> Dan
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