[Spellyans] <kk> and <ck>

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Wed Dec 17 16:51:59 GMT 2008

<ck> occurs in the texts in the native words tecka, dockans, lacka and  
<kk> on the other hand occurs in the borrowings: gokky, crakkyas,  
pokkat, hokkye.

Interestingly to distinguish the same phoneme on etymological grounds  
is an abrogation of the "phonemic" principle
allegedly present in KK.

One is tempted to ask two questions:
1. were/are the members of the AHG able to distinguish loanwords from  
indigenous words?
2. did the members of the AHG have any idea how to devise an  

I write ck passim.


On 17 Dec 2008, at 15:41, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> We have Paul Hodge to “thank” for the current SWF-solution of  
> spelling <ck> in loanwords and <kk> in native Cornish words. I don’t  
> find this particularly helpful for either users of traditional  
> graphs (SWF/T) or for users of the main form (SWF/M)

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