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On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 11:41 AM, nicholas williams
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> Do the members of the AHG really know which words are loanwords and which
> not?

Also, at what point does a loanword become a native word in the minds of a
language's speakers?  For example, when did the words "native" and
"language" in my previous sentence stop being French loanwords, and start
being English words? How can one tell?

> All in all Hodge's suggestion was bizarre. Even more remarkably it was
> accepted.

I have to agree. I could understand them choosing <kk> for the "main" form —
following KK usage — and <ck> for the "traditional" form, but to impose both
spellings on both orthographic varieties on the basis of etymology is just,
well, bizarre, as you said. I too find it amazing that the AHG voted to
accept it!
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