[Spellyans] <kk> and <ck>

Daniel Prohaska daniel at ryan-prohaska.com
Thu Dec 18 11:24:59 GMT 2008

I see your point, and potential *klokk makes it very convincing. So you'd
say <kk> in subjunctives and comparatives/superlatives and <ck> everywhere
else. I think I could live with that. I was thinking of practicability and
application for the non-linguist. SWF/M <kk> ~ SWF/T <ck> just seemed simple
and manageable.



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From: Michael Everson
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2008 12:10 PM

"This I would *oppose*. It will without doubt yield <klokk>~<clock> where
now the SWF at least gives <klock>~<clock>. I don't think that ck/kk should
be a simple alternate. I do think there is some merit in using -kk- in
restricted settings as described above."


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