[Spellyans] A new book by Ann Jenkin

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Fri Dec 19 16:05:17 GMT 2008

I think you are being a little facetious.
The best translation would have been

Kolyn a Gernow, Steren y Hanow.

For the second part cf.

Vn den da crist a gara Nycodemus y hanow PA 234a
Vn mab purwyr zyn y ma meriasek y hanow BM 9-10.

For the first, note that a Nazare, a Rom, etc. are common in the texts.


On 19 Dec 2008, at 15:21, Owen Cook wrote:

> For materials, you can use nouns adjectively, as in 'an dre bredn'. So
> it could be a synthetic puppy manufactured from Cornishmen. (Bit
> macabre for a children's story, however.)

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