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I notice the following from the government website <http://www.onecornwall.cornwall.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=44379 

Bedhewgh sur hwi ha'n dus a drig y'gas chi dhe govskrifa dhe votya.

I assume that they mean 'Be sure that you and those who live in your  
house register to vote'.
The translation is word for word from the English and not successful.
In the first place an dus a drig means 'the people who will live'. The  
Cornish for 'the people who live' is an dus eus trigys.

Here are a few random examples from the texts (there are many others):

vyth na wrella compressa ow tus vs trygys ena OM 1424-25
punscie y tus mar calas vs trygys agy the'th wlas OM 1482-83
omma yth ese tregys avel hermyt in guelfos BM 1963-64.

Bos tregys is similar to the Irish tá sé ina chónaí and seems to be a  
common Celtic syntagm.

In the second place 'to register to vote' really means 'registering as  
voters'. I'm not sure that dhe govskrifa dhe votya makes any sense.

Who I wonder is responsible for this indifferent translation.

I should have said:

Bedhewgh sur hwi ha'n dus eus trigys y'gas chi dhe omrolya avel  

Or SWF traditional:

Bedhewgh sur whi ha'n dus eus trigys y'gas chi dhe omrolya avel  

Or in KS:

Bedhowgh sur why ha'n dus eus tregys i'gas chy dhe omrolya avell  


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