[Spellyans] treven as the plural of chy

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 16:32:57 GMT 2008

Whoever queried treven as the plural of chy had clearly forgotten his  
or her Breton.
In Breton there are at least two common suppletive plurals that are  
singular in form.
The plural of buoc'h cow is saout (ar saout, ar zaout)  < Latin  
solidus; cf. Cornish sols 'shilling', Welsh swllt 'shilling'.
For the sense cf. Latin pecus 'cattle', pecunia 'money' or English  
fee, the congener of German Vieh 'calf'.
The plural of Breton ki 'dog' is chas < French chasse 'chase, hunt'.


On 31 Dec 2008, at 14:01, Ray Chubb wrote:

> Looks like Palores has had her (his) wings clipped.

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