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But items were originally sold from the workshop, hence the modern use.
The Americans call a shop a 'store' because items were stored there  
and then sold thence.
We use the expression in 'department store'.
Etymologically 'shop' means 'booth' and it is actually uncertain where  
it was a shop or workshop.
Presumably in Celtophone Cornwall retail when it occurred was at  
markets and by peddlars (look at the merchants in JCH)
but comestibles would have been home grown, clothes home-made and  
tools made by the local smith. So there
would have been few shops.

Caradar was by far the best writer of Cornish of the previous  
generation. He always used shoppa for
'retail outlet';  for example, the following extract by him from  
Kemysk Kernewek:

Yth esa try maaw ow quary peldros war an stret. Desempys an bel a  
nyjas crak! erbyn fenester onen a'n shoppys.

There is no reason not to use shoppa for 'shop'.


On 31 Dec 2008, at 19:23, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

>  always use tavarn (-arn, not -ern)rather than dewotty which, as  
> Nicholas says, is an unecessary invention.  However, I have always  
> translated "shoppa', found in several place-names, as "workshop",  
> rather than the retail variety.

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