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At 23:36 +0100 2008-06-30, A. J. Trim wrote:
>Yes, I think you have it about right in KS, 
>regarding <i> and <y>, though I'm still not sure 
>about bÿs/bës words.

I don't know what you are unsure about.

>Why are despit and constrin quoted as 
>exceptions? Surely, these have stressed <i> = 
>[i:], and so are regular.

They are not monosyllables.

>I would also expect [I@] and [i:@] to be <ia> 
>(e.g. fia "to flee"), and [ja] to be <ya>(e.g. 
>redya "to read") and I would expect final <-y>, 
>e.g. tyby "to suppose", chy "house".
>Initial <i> would be OK but there are exceptions 
>(e.g. yw "is", y "his", yma/ymons, ytho).


>These will need to be in a very short list else 
>they will need to be predictable -- "function" 
>word is too vague a term.

We provide an exhaustive list. It isn't all that long.

>What happens when a word starts with <gy-> or 
><gi-> under soft mutation? Does it become <y-> 
>or <i-> respectively, or do they all become <i->?

The root vowel is preserved.

>How do we know whether yn gwir is "truly" (with 
>missing mutation) or in gwir "in truth", and 
>does "in truth" mean "truly" anyway?

Because the particle we spell in KS as <yn> 
mutates and the preposition <in> does not.

>I can live with it, if that is what you want to 
>do, but I think that I would prefer not to have 
>this initial <i> rule. It appears to be cosmetic 
>only and without function.

Nance used initial <y> only.

George took that as his base and changed some 
words to initial <i> on the basis of his theories 
and etymologies.

Gendall (I think) uses initial <i> only.

In KS Nancians will find plenty of <y> in KS. 
More than many Gendallians might prefer, but the 
reasons for them are coherent. There's no real 
argument against initial <i> from the Nancian 
point of view. Please see 
for a discussion and a list of words (all the 
words in George's dictionaries).
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