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Tue Jul 1 10:58:28 IST 2008

It is because few users are linguists that the business of extracting  
an orthography from the texts should have been left
to linguists. It was not and the resulting SWF is imperfect. Not being  
a linguist is no crime. Purporting to be a linguist when
one is not, is reprehensible. I name no names.

On 1 Jul 2008, at 10:51, A. J. Trim wrote:

> Michael Everson wrote:
> Sorry if I seem impatient. I don't mean to.
> As you know, I’m not a linguist, and most users won’t be linguists  
> either.
> I thank you for your time and trouble to go through my unlearned off- 
> the-wall ideas. I think you have actually been quite patient. I like  
> to explore all possibilities. Inevitably, most of those ideas will  
> be rubbish but the process will result in a system about which we  
> can all have increased confidence and understanding. Keep up the  
> good work!
> Regards,
> Andrew J Trim
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