[Spellyans] SWF vowel inconsistencies

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These are unacceptable to begin with. Frut is so spelt in the SWF, but
according to the rules it should be pronounced fryt or frit.
Similarly they recommend <ou> for [u] but if one were to write, say,  
louk for 'luck' it would
be pronounced lu:k, e.g. like Louk 'Luke'.
These problems arise because the SWF does not allow diacritics. KS  
writes frût [fru:t], lùk 'luck' and Lûk 'Luke'.
No problem.

On 1 Jul 2008, at 19:23, Terry Corbett wrote:

> The vowels of the SWF and their sound are listed on p. 4 as:
> <eu> [9(:)] [e: E]
> <i> (~ <-ei>) [i(:)] [i(:) I] ~ [- at I] § 3.4
> <y> [I(:)] [i: I e: E]
> <o> [O(:) 7] [o: O 7]
> <oo> [o: u:] [u:]
> <ou> [u(:)] [u: U]
> <u> [y(:)] [i(:) I] §
> <oa>  [a:] [Q:](RLC only)
> Maybe it would be good to look at each of these especially as to how  
> well each spelling measures up to the principles 1-4 of the SWF.  
> ( allowing for Michaels suggested reading of number 3). I have  
> change the IPA to xsampa. The first entry between [] is identified  
> as RMC pronunciation and the second as RLC and "Tudor Cornish"  
> pronunciations
> Terry.
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