[Spellyans] <yn> & <in> & <en>

A. J. Trim ajtrim at msn.com
Tue Jul 1 23:36:07 IST 2008

How would Middle Cornish folk know whether to spell with <y> or <i>?
They would need to know how the spelling progressed in Late Cornish.
That's OK for super linguists but tricky for Joe Blogs.

Spelling by sound is easier than spelling by future language development.
However, if it could be done, it would make the electronic substitution of <e> for <y> nice and easy.


Andrew J. Trim

From: Daniel Prohaska 
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Subject: [Spellyans] <yn> & <in> & <en>

<in> in Revived Cornish is unknown (except for the latest version of KS). In UC/R and KK it was always <yn> and usually <en> in RLC (Revived Late Cornish). 

As far as the distribution of e ~ i ~ y goes, I would like to see RMC (Revived Middle Cornish) <y> where LC (Late Cornish) has <e> and <i> everywhere else. 

That would make <y> easily replaceable with <e> for RLC users and <i> would remain for both. 



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