[Spellyans] SWF vowel inconsistencies

John Sheridan john_s_sheridan at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 11:37:11 IST 2008

--- On Wed, 7/2/08, nicholas williams <njawilliams at gmail.com> wrote:

> There is really no way round the difficulty. Revived
> Cornish even when  
> fluent
> sounds like English in both phonemic inventory and
> intonation.
> The problem is exacerbated by the inevitable tendency to
> sound- 
> substitution.
> Matthew Clarke ...

Matthew Clarke is perhaps the best case in point.  With his Radyo an Gernewegva, he is building up a substantial inventory of news reports with (sometimes) accompanying text transcriptions.  It is admirable work and a true boon to the Cornish speaking community. In some ways, he is becoming the Cornish voice of Cornwall.  So perhaps that's really what 21st-century Cornish sounds like.

> The best Cornish I have ever heard was Neil Kennedy's
> before he left  
> for Brittany and
> Dan's JCH. Dan has the great advantages
> of being 1. a trained linguist; 2. a professional actor.
> Perhaps Dan should be employed to produce learners'
> materials.

Hear, hear!  As an aside, I've also thought that someone should produce a filmed version of the Tregear homilies with Dan playing the preacher.
But Dan also has the advantage of being bilingual from birth and living abroad, thus having a facility with language and not influenced by UK dialects. 
It interests me, Nicholas, that you chose to learn Irish, because I have often thought: perhaps I should learn Welsh and model my Cornish pronunciation after Welsh.  At least then it would be modeled after some Brythonic language.  But Welsh itself for all I know may be heavily influenced by English; and besides, as it has been said umpteen times by many on this list, Cornish is not Welsh (or Breton)!  

Yn lel,


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