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"How would Middle Cornish folk know whether to spell with <y> or <i>?

They would need to know how the spelling progressed in Late Cornish. 

That's OK for super linguists but tricky for Joe Blogs."


Joe Blogs wouldn't need to know. That's what a dictionary is there for.


"Spelling by sound is easier than spelling by future language development.

However, if it could be done, it would make the electronic substitution of
<e> for <y> nice and easy."


That's what I meant.





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<in> in Revived Cornish is unknown (except for the latest version of KS). In
UC/R and KK it was always <yn> and usually <en> in RLC (Revived Late

As far as the distribution of e ~ i ~ y goes, I would like to see RMC
(Revived Middle Cornish) <y> where LC (Late Cornish) has <e> and <i>
everywhere else. 

That would make <y> easily replaceable with <e> for RLC users and <i> would
remain for both. 



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