[Spellyans] SWF vowel inconsistencies

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I look forward to this Dan. I too was impressed listening to your reading of  JCH, courtesy of Nicholas at Tremough 2 years ago (we were in the same breakaway group) Where can I find 'Curnooack Hethow' ? I am told I still have a Cornish accent, mine is South Cornwall (wish it was stronger, more like Mid to West Cornwall )  but I know I could improve my pronunciation of Kernowek, so I need to listen to more recordings.

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There have been a few complimentary comments regarding my recording of JCH. Thanks for that. I’m currently preparing a Cornish language course in SWF/Late-Traditional and it follows various foreign language audio courses. It will have recordings of dialogues and exercises, too.
I also found Gendall’s recordings of “Curnooack Hethow” very useful, because he also included recordings of the paradigms which made memorizing them much easier. 
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