[Spellyans] SWF vowel inconsistencies

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Jul 2 19:14:15 IST 2008

At 08:56 -0400 2008-07-02, stinney at sas.upenn.edu wrote:

>It was my understanding that this process is about having an even 
>better KS to go to the 5-year review of the SWF with, the goal being 
>to make the SWF what it needs to be.

The goal is to make it possible for us to *use* the orthography. I've 
really no idea whether the CLP will look upon this favourably in 5 
years' time or not. Though I anticipate a fair body of literature by 

>   In my view, a list of improvements that begins:
>  #1: You can stuff your aspirational phonology.
>  #2: Now let's discuss i/y...
>Is going to get off on the wrong foot.  That doesn't mean I think the
>aspirational phonology is worth keeping.

Fair enough.

>And none of the above is meant as criticism--it's simply a response to your
>question, Michael.

Thanks. You have a point.

>I have huge respect for all the hard work you put into all this.

Dharma is as dharma does...
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