[Spellyans] SWF vowel inconsistencies

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Jul 2 19:18:22 IST 2008

FYI, I said the following to Terry:

Hi Terry,

>No, I wasn't offended by your post. I just don't 
>see any point to the Spellyans list if it is not 
>going to concern itself with reforming the SWF 
>in a realistic manner.

It is difficult to understand what you mean, but 
it seems to me that your unsubscription was 
rather hasty. I don't think it's fair to us or 
even to you.

What do you mean, "a realistic manner"? The CLP 
will do nothing about changing the SWF for five 
years. We cannot talk to them about it. They 
aren't interested. They weren't interested in 
what Nicholas and I had to say as the SWF was 
being developed either, which is why the SWF has 
so many mistakes in it -- mistakes which are 
going to cause learners problems. We can't write 
the SWF until those things are fixed. So we are 
going to fix them, and write the result.

Similarly, it is difficult to see why -- or how 
-- we should invest energy ensuring that spurious 
pronunciations which no one uses should also be 
"included" or supported. For instance, in writing 
bÿs/bës we do not "proscribe" the [I:] -- but 
then we don't have to: nobody uses it anyway.

Your postings and questions have hitherto been 
helpful and interesting. I was hoping that you'd 
stay on.

Yn lel,
Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com

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