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To be authentic 'bury' should be spelt ancledhyas, ancledhys. There is  
no need either for initial in/yn- or for <eu> either.
There might be an argument for breusy and beudhy since forms like  
brusy and buthy are attested. But eu in ynkleudh- is fiction.
Actually it is my view that brusy and buthy had [y], since we find  
bidhis in Lhuyd.
I avoid brusy and use the far commoner word jùjya.
Brusy occurs once at BM 4054. Jùjya (judgia, yugge, iugge, iuggya)  
occurs at least 24 times.


On 2 Jul 2008, at 18:29, Owen Cook wrote:

> Yes yes, I was making a general point. KK is really quite far from the
> texts. Unless there's reason to do otherwise, we might as well stay
> closer to them. That's all I meant. Hence my suggestion for example of
> spelling the ynkleudh- words with initial <an>, if Jon's counts are
> complete and accurate...
> Oll an gwelha,
> ~~Owen
> 2008/7/2 nicholas williams <njawilliams at gmail.com> rug scrifa:
>> The word is always spelt <yn della> in Origo Mundi.
>> Nicholas
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