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Tasek 'spiritual father' occurs in BM and Casak 'St Cadoc' in BK.
Casek, casak 'mare' is also well attested.
Jasek would be in good company.


On 5 Jul 2008, at 11:50, Michael Everson wrote:

> How shall we spell this? Welsh has unassimilated <jazz> and
> assimilated <jas> with <jasaidd> 'jazzy'.
> In Cornish, unassimilated <jazz> is of course possible, but would be
> properly italicized in print as a loanword. As an assimilated word =,
> <jaz> and <jas> would be pronuounced identically, rhyming with <tas>
> 'father'. An adjective <jazek> or <jasek> might be derived for
> 'jazzy'.
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