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Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 5 16:14:39 IST 2008

On 5 Jul 2008, at 13:34, Michael Everson wrote:
> I favour <jas>, <jasek> myself; and I'd like <pîtsa>.

'Pîtsa' is UCR, of course, and I'd favour either that or  
unassimilated italicised 'pizza', according to the writer's personal  
taste. And if the writer happens not to use the italicisation (as is  
done in NJAW's UCR dictionary), it's hardly a problem.

I think we should be wary of getting too prescriptively persnickety  
with these loan words. After all, the overwhelming majority of  
Cornish users and learners will be L1 English speakers, and they  
should have no actual problem either recognising or pronouncing these  
items in Cornish.

In Nicholas's dictionary, there's another loan containing <-zz->:
> E. mezzo-soprano = UCR metsô-soprano

I'd suggest that this is acceptable, as well as <mezzo-soprano> with  
or without italicisation. This lexical item is just one of a very  
large number of technical terms in music which are used in English  
(and elsewhere) with no respelling. And what's true of Music is  
likewise true of many other fields as well.

Staying with the current theme, my little Concise Oxford Dictionary  
of Music also offers us Mezza, Mezzo, Mezzo Carattere, Mezzo-Staccato  
and Mezzo-forte.

As is well known, Music is stuffed full of Italian, French, German  
and English words, and even my *little* dictionary runs to nearly 600  
pages --its big brother is a multi-volume encyclopaedia!  
Realistically, this vocabulary set is not going to be translated into  
Cornish anytime soon, I fancy. It seems we need an ad hoc rule that says
> any foreign-language technical terminology may be used in KS,  
> without respelling, provided it is put in italics or quote marks.

Thus, the words listed above all instantly become acceptable in  
Cornish when written as follows:
> Mezza, Mezzo, Mezzo Carattere, Mezzo-Staccato, Mezzo-forte.
> 'Mezza', 'Mezzo', 'Mezzo Carattere', 'Mezzo-Staccato', 'Mezzo-forte'.

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