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One of the problems with Cornish is that if we are to provide anything like a full vocabulary for modern use, then we shall need to coin, re-spell or borrow more words than we already have.
We could end up with whole passages of text substantially in italics or quoted.
I suggest that we italicise or otherwise mark these new words in the dictionaries but not in normal writing.

Here are just a few random examples from the many thousands of new words that will be required for specialist interests:

from music: "slip-jig", "hip-hop", "minimalism", "punk", "rock", "highland fling", "yodelling", "ska", "mojo" 
and especially from science and technology:
"oocyte" (i.e. immature female reproductive cell), "USB pen drive", "DVD", "taser" (i.e. electronic stun gun),  "joystick", "VDU".

The list will be seemingly endless but many will be necessary to make a proper usable modern language.

Unfortunately, too much of this, and we are told that Cornish is a "made-up" language.


Andrew J. Trim


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      Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

        In Nicholas's dictionary, there's another loan containing <-zz->:
          E. mezzo-soprano = UCR metsô-soprano
        I'd suggest that this is acceptable, as well as <mezzo-soprano> with or without italicisation. This lexical item is just one of a very large number of technical terms in music which are used in English (and elsewhere) with no respelling. ... 
        Thus, the words listed above all instantly become acceptable in Cornish when written as follows:
          Mezza, Mezzo, Mezzo Carattere, Mezzo-Staccato, Mezzo-forte.
          'Mezza', 'Mezzo', 'Mezzo Carattere', 'Mezzo-Staccato', 'Mezzo-forte'.

      As a musician and former academic, I can tell you that academic style guides for English, at least here in the States, would not require one to italicize or enclose foreign-language musical terms in quotes.   I think this thread is veering off from spelling rules to rules of style -- an interesting topic for Cornish in its own right.  But personally, I would find it odd if all borrowings into Cornish were respelled phonetically, and am not sure why they should be.

      Oll an gwella,




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