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Sun Jul 6 06:16:11 IST 2008

Quoting John Sheridan <john_s_sheridan at yahoo.com>:

> Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> In Nicholas's dictionary, there's another loan containing <-zz->:
> E. mezzo-soprano = UCR metsô-soprano
> I'd suggest that this is acceptable, as well as <mezzo-soprano> with or
> without italicisation. This lexical item is just one of a very large number
> of technical terms in music which are used in English (and elsewhere) with no
> respelling. ...
> Thus, the words listed above all instantly become acceptable in Cornish when
> written as follows:
> Mezza, Mezzo, Mezzo Carattere, Mezzo-Staccato, Mezzo-forte.
> 'Mezza', 'Mezzo', 'Mezzo Carattere', 'Mezzo-Staccato', 'Mezzo-forte'.
> As a musician and former academic, I can tell you that academic style guides
> for English, at least here in the States, would not require one to italicize
> or enclose foreign-language musical terms in quotes.   I think this thread is
> veering off from spelling rules to rules of style -- an interesting topic for
> Cornish in its own right.  But personally, I would find it odd if all
> borrowings into Cornish were respelled phonetically, and am not sure why they
> should be.
> Oll an gwella,
> -John

Agreed.  There is a tension between coining neologisms and using loanwords, but
it would be unduly burdensome to require KS to specify all members of what is,
after all, a massively open set.  Perhaps identify a few principles, on which
analogies might be made by those who wish to do so, but in general KS will have
a more manageable task if it sticks to defining the phonetically-based spelling
of the (reasonably) closed set of Cornish lexemes.

Specifying italicization is out of scope.


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