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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
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At 09:40 +0100 2008-07-06, Eddie Climo wrote:

>No, we have to conclude that it ain't going to 
>happen, is it? As Craig says, words like this 
>are not Cornish: they're international words, 
>and are probably best left in their original 

Pizza and jazz aren't "international words" in 
the same way that "mezzo soprano" or "allegro non 
troppo" are.

>We should stand somewhere between 'laissez 
>faire' and 'dolce far niente' on the issue of 
>loan-words, I fancy.

The question was not about loanwords but about spelling.

In this matter we may follow our Welsh brethren, I believe.

The Welsh assimilate "jas", "jasaidd"; we may 
prefer "jaz", "jazek" here (to be different from 
the Welsh and so as not to lead people to believe 
that "jas" < "jad" as "tas" < "tad" -- rather the 
opposite of what George and Co. want for -z).

The Welsh assimilate "pitsa"; we may prefer "pîtsa".

The Welsh assimilate "sbageti"; we may prefer 
"spagetty" (UCR has "spagettî"; is "spagety" 
better than "spagetty"?).

For my part I do not believe that young children 
being brought up in English or in Cornish 
recognize pizza or spaghetti as unassimilated 
loanwords. In English, we don't alter the 
spelling because we haven't got to.

(Personally I've always yearned to wrote "brockley" for "broccoli".)
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