[Spellyans] Jazz > loan words?

Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Sun Jul 6 14:27:57 IST 2008

Cornish has the word "brocla", I believe.  But be careful - in West 
Cornwall, what the English call cauliflower, the Cornish call broccoli.


Michael Everson wrote:
> At 09:40 +0100 2008-07-06, Eddie Climo wrote:
>> No, we have to conclude that it ain't going to 
>> happen, is it? As Craig says, words like this 
>> are not Cornish: they're international words, 
>> and are probably best left in their original 
>> form.
> Pizza and jazz aren't "international words" in 
> the same way that "mezzo soprano" or "allegro non 
> troppo" are.
>> We should stand somewhere between 'laissez 
>> faire' and 'dolce far niente' on the issue of 
>> loan-words, I fancy.
> The question was not about loanwords but about spelling.
> In this matter we may follow our Welsh brethren, I believe.
> The Welsh assimilate "jas", "jasaidd"; we may 
> prefer "jaz", "jazek" here (to be different from 
> the Welsh and so as not to lead people to believe 
> that "jas" < "jad" as "tas" < "tad" -- rather the 
> opposite of what George and Co. want for -z).
> The Welsh assimilate "pitsa"; we may prefer "pîtsa".
> The Welsh assimilate "sbageti"; we may prefer 
> "spagetty" (UCR has "spagettî"; is "spagety" 
> better than "spagetty"?).
> For my part I do not believe that young children 
> being brought up in English or in Cornish 
> recognize pizza or spaghetti as unassimilated 
> loanwords. In English, we don't alter the 
> spelling because we haven't got to.
> (Personally I've always yearned to wrote "brockley" for "broccoli".)

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