[Spellyans] Fw: Re: All these I's and Y's etc

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Jul 6 20:41:36 IST 2008

At 19:29 +0000 2008-07-06, Tom Trethewey wrote:
>  >As Michael said
>>"If you prefer to say [i:], you should write <bÿs>."
>>"If you prefer to say [e:], you should write <bës>."
>What about those who prefer to say [I:]?

Do you know anyone who actually manages to do so? 
I am informed that every KK user either says [i:] 
(because of Unified Cornish) or they 
misunderstand the "recommended pronunciation" and 
they simply say [I].

The SWF pays lip-service to this [I:], in fact 
ignoring UC [i:] -- which is objectionable 
enough. And then the SWF fails to distinguish 
between <bÿs> 'world' and <bys> 'but'. Even if 
some people want to say [bI:z], <bÿs> still lets 
them distinguish it from <bys> 'but' which is 
pronounced [bIz].
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