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I'm going to line up with Eddie and Craig here. I'm not sure that either
pizza or jazz can belong to the assimilated Cornish word category at all --
in fact, I'm going to say definitely that they do not, since they're not
attested in the traditional Cornish corpus. Unlike items like 'jùjya'.

I have heard a French song whose name is "Je jazz les couleurs" (it's a
funky Celtic-jazz fusion number), in which jazz is treated syntactically as
a French verb, pronounced like 'djèse', and spelled as 'jazz'. I wonder, how
can jazz be less foreign and unassimilated in Cornish than it is in French?
There legitimately is a long history of jazz music in France, in Québec, in
francophone Africa ... whereas the art form did not even exist at any stage
of traditional vernacular Cornish.

As for pizza, well, there has been an Italian community in Cardiff for what,
a century or more now? If the Cornish weren't interested enough in this
obscure, working-class Neapolitan dish to write about pizza during the
pre-Revival period, then I doubt 'pîtsa' would have much legitimacy as an
assimilated Cornish word now. Welsh is not Cornish.

As Steve points out, foreign words potentially usable in Cornish are an
incredibly huge, open set. Having tried to write Wikipedia articles in
Cornish, I've found myself obliged to use an awful lot of unassimilated
loans. What's the Cornish for *jamahiriya* or *baht* or *dharma*? As a
practical matter, Eddie's suggestion that italics be recommended for words
that don't conform to KS spelling norms would be an extremely helpful
guideline. Italics, or quotation marks, or capitals -- because of course
proper nouns are related to this area too. If we do not assimilate the name
Boulanger, it stands to reason that we won't assimilate *boulangiste* (or
Boulangyth). There are real Cornish names like Venetens or Bitiny for some
foreign places, but find me a convincing cornicization of Kuala Lumpur or
Abuja (or their potential derivatives).

Oll an gwelha,
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